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Gigolos are male escorts or male prostitutes who offer their gigolo services in exchange of money. Gigolo is sexy smart and very energetic and sexually active males.Age is not a constraint if the gigolo is fit and knows what he is doing. Gigolo Training with a healthy diet and proper exercise any man can become a popular gigolo. Rich women and corporate all around the world hire gigolos for their sexual and physical fantasies.Some become so impressed with their service that they hire them on a salary basis and gift them expensive cars, homes and cell phones.All due to this kind of advantages in gigolo jobs, gigolo clubs are getting popular among men. So you are now thinking that " How to become a gigolo ".It's quite simple.Just visit our gigolo Registration page , fill up your details our representative will give you a call in the next 24hours to verify your details. Once you complete the membership,you will be given Our clients details.

Why girls hire gigolo for the gigolo work?

Not only men, girls have needs. The majority of the women does orgasm at every meeting. It's more about time and that passion. Do you think it's wrong for a woman to engage the services of a gigolo? It certainly flies in the face of traditional thinking. You are wrong if you think women hire escorts only for sex.Now it's time our society should judge male and female the same way.Now women are more open towards their fantasies than they were before.

  • Most of the cases in are when their husbands are more interested in money making than adore making. Wives of men approach gigolos because of the majority of the instances, their husbands are active in money earning and don't have the opportunity to understand their wives desires. They can't locate any spouse when these girls become desperate for sex.That's the time they contact gigolo clubs or agency because unlike their friends to whom they can approach for sex, Gigolos are very professionals they never disclose the sexual relationship to anyone.
  • Nowadays Couples hire gigolos to try threesomes the most erotic sexual fantasy. Some guys prefer to see their wife sleep with another man. Some have fantasies like threesome etc.. Some guys believe that they are not potent enough to satisfy their wives sexual thirst That's the time they think of hiring a gigolo. Some also follow the gigolos ways and learn their things and use it to impress their partners.
  • One interesting reason although - Women finds out her husband or male partner is having an affair outside of their relationship.She gets so jealous and frustrated that she takes the path of revenge. They hire gigolos or playboys and let their male partner know that they can do the same thing and they are not ashamed of it.
  • Widows and Divorcees groups hire gigolos to fulfill their sexual and physical needs..
  • Few women, who do not have a boyfriend or are not married and single and still a virgin so they hire a gigolo to lose their virginity. It may Sounds unrealistic but there were clients like this too. She hires a gigolo when her friends are in relationships and loving their sexual lives, with no alternative left.
  • Another reason for women to employ a gigolo is, Many times in a relationship The man or women tend to stay separate, which we call long distance relationship.or in case of marriage the husband has to go abroad due to work commitments or he has his office at another city.So their partners couldn't find and fulfill their physical needs ,in that case, they hire gigolos or call boys for their needs.They do it so secretly that nobody can know because they know if Their truth comes out their relationship can break.In this way, they meet their needs physically and emotionally.
  • There are many such cases one such rare case is weight issue in women, so women believe extreme sex will help them lose calorie and lose weight so they hire gigolos for their purpose because they couldn't afford time at the gym due to their busy life.This way they get both pleasures as well as lose weight.That's why they hire gigolos
  • Sometimes wealthy women or corporate females go on business or official trips , In that time they need a companion who can release their boredom during their journey and trip.They opt for gigolo service or male escort service.These male escorts get hired for their sexual desire purpose and for making their trip sexy as well as memorable.

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We're one of the oldest and best Playboy Gigolo agency. We are currently recruiting playboys in India. we encourage applications from a family history that is fantastic because the majority of the clients are much from society. Would be read details under all and inquire a call-back.We Provide male to male, and male to female Gigolo service and it's available 24x7 so dial our helpline figure to use a guy escort now. Our boys are entirely educated and trained along with handsome if you are feeling frustrated with your lifestyle or terrible to have sexual intercourse with your partner. Try the boy of our escort. Our Boys let us know about your own demand and do all activities that are sexual if you are watching out for something better us.

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