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Male prostitute or male escort is the job or a process of guys providing sex related and fun related services in return for money. It is a kind of sex work. Here the clients are mainly women but there are male clients as well who need a male to male service.So male escort job is a very high demand jobs in both genders and its not gender specific. A Male Escort's salary depends on the number of clients he serves in a month generally its an average 50k in India.

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Social Issues associated with Male Escort Jobs

Our society has unfortunately not accepted men as escorts so this is the stigma the gigolo guys go through. The main aspects of providing quality companionship and service are often ignored. Here, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with undivided attention and participating in intelligent often witty conversations. does not sell sex. We market our man companion's time to provide companionship and security for our clients. Whatever might or might not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preference between two or more consenting adults. Male prostitution has been found in almost all contemporary and ancient cultures. This is extremely significant from a security concern that's female. To start with is neither safe nor harmful. You need to deal with the right individual. We have clients from all around India. They ask us for services as they've used it before and are satisfied. In India, even every ordinary looking or decent boy or each guy wish to become Gigolo. But why? No, this is not, although they believed this is an interesting profession. India is shifting so many girls knows how it could be got by them and that what they desire. But when they require a companion, much accessible societies and our surrounds.

Safety Notes for Women while dealing with XYZ Male Escort Agency

Today there are hundreds of FAKE male escort agencies on the internet and independent Gigolos that operate independently. So for our female visitors who deal with such low trusted agencies. Here are some tips for safety and security.
  • Do not provide your contact number even if you're having support using a gigolo. Coordinate with emails only. This is secure for both of you.
  • Do not stop by any agency, not those that claims govt running.Because Indian Govt has not recognized it.
  • Don't give your real name, either email or your own telephone number.
  • Use a fake email ID first, then when you can trust him provide your real one
  • Don't contact via phone number or use a virtual phone number or skype
  • Request his photo, when he shows his face in the beginning, then beware because Actual maleescorts dont show their picture without fully verifying you .