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Playboys are the wealthy men who spend their time enjoying themselves and have lots of playmates to have sex with. AT Trannyescorts We can provide you the best play boy job through which you can make huge money and stay sexually active and fulfilled, if you are thinking that just wealthy guys can be drama boys then you are wrong, we've supplied playboy job to many financially struggling guys who weren't getting anything before.So Without thinking twice come join us and we can meet your dreams and make you the 1 playboy you have been in your dreams.We will create your fantasy a reality.

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We are supplying Play Boy job in India, Call and get linked to Play Boy service in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kerala, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Surat. We are currently providing service to both men and women. In India, Play Boy service or play boy job is not recognized, So its neither legal nor illegal. Clients privacy is our main motto as well as duty, we never disclose our client's information such as phone number or email id to any agency or anybody outside.

How to become a Play Boy?

Playboys or male prostitution providers are available in all over the world. We are one of the oldest and Playboy companies. We are currently recruiting playboys all over India, because of the customers are from our Indian society There is always a stigma so we encourage our members and clients to not disclose their work or any related matter to even their close ones. Every day we receive hundreds of request from female contacts ,all they need is a better companion who can fulfill her desires and do much more she always imagines and that she has never tried before

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There are thousands of playboys are busy in hotels, clubs, the night pubs and red areas of large cities all over India. When a women hire you and invest on you she expects a good return it terms of satisfaction and fulfillment, be it physical or emotional.So we train our playboys that way so that they can live up to the expectations. It's always a fantastic idea to do some side livelihood for your personal expenses. You'll be encouraged to private parties and social functions and sex parties where if people mark you and get impressed ny you then you can earn huge money.

Our call boys are carefully selected. We make sure that they meet your needs. You may feel comfortable in their company very easily. Being a man escort appears to be a dream job, right? Just imagine being paid at their cost, to entertain girls, as you live out your fantasies in an assortment of exotic locations.This might be your opportunity to enter the exciting and interesting world of this straight male escort service which pays you the well hefty amount of money.

Every day all our lady clients call us and want to hire our playboys for business dinners, executive parties conventions, and other work related trips. Sometimes it's a scenario where the girl is possibly lonely, bored or is currently getting over a bad breakup, and needs to be assured that not all guys are jerks and that she's still desired. In either case, a good conversationalist and a listener are extremely important.A man gigolo or Playboy fills the void, offering everything a girl may desire from a boyfriend is sexual intimacy or just company. There are instances where the clients don't want sex they just want a friend with whom they can share their troubles.

In a world where most guys spend big money buying gifts for girls, it is really an exciting challenge to get paid by a woman to spend some time together with her.Isn't it?We know you all will agree to this.So come join our play boy job. Our Playboys are well trained, socially active, friendly and funny. The will fulfill and pass any test given to them.